This section contains articles and tutorials related to sharded cluster config server administration
​ 这节包含分片集群配置服务器管理的文章和教程
View status information about the cluster’s databases, shards, and chunks.
​ 查看有关集群的数据库,分片和块的状态信息。
Stop and restart a sharded cluster.
​ 停止和重启一个分片集群
Migrate a sharded cluster to a different hardware system, for example, when moving a pre-production environment to production.
​ 例如,将预生产环境移至生产环境时,将分片群集迁移到其他硬件系统。
Add a shard to add capacity to a sharded cluster.
​ 添加分片以增加分片集群的容量。
Migrate a single shard’s data and remove the shard.
​ 迁移单个分片的数据并删除该分片。
Manually clear jumbo flag from a chunk.
​ 从大块中手动清除jumbo标志。
Create a backup of a sharded cluster’s metadata while keeping the cluster operational.
​ 在保持群集正常运行的同时,创建分片群集元数据的备份。
Convert a sharded cluster into a single replica set.
​ 将分片群集转换为单个副本集。
Convert a replica set to a sharded cluster in which each shard is its own replica set.
​ 将副本集转换为分片群集,其中每个分片都是其自己的副本集。
Convert a shard standalone instance to a shard replica set.
​ 将分片单机实例转换为分片副本集。