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至少一个分片,分片可以是 复制集 或者是一个单独的 mongod.

  • A replica set config server with one member.

    在 3.2 版更改: Starting in MongoDB 3.2, config servers for sharded clusters can be deployed as a replica set. The replica set config servers must run the WiredTiger storage engine. MongoDB 3.2 deprecates the use of three mirrored mongod instances for config servers.

  • At least one shard. Shards are either replica sets or a standalone mongod instances.

  • 在测试与开发时,你可以部署一个最小的集群,这些组件 不能 被用在生产环境中:

Diagram of a sample sharded cluster for testing/development purposes only.  Contains only 1 config server, 1 ``mongos`` router, and at least 1 shard. The shard can be either a replica set or a standalone ``mongod`` instance.